Desert Places


Desert Places

In this article we will learn more about some of the deserts of the world using the interactive map below. Afterwards we will start to research one particular desert in small groups as we work towards producing a written report about one particular desert or region.

The interactive map focuses on the physical geography of the deserts included. We will consider the way that human populations interact with the desert environments in which they live in article 3 of this issue of Geography in the News: ‘Desert People’.

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Pupil Activity

Working in groups of three or four, choose one particular desert (or region of a larger desert) and research it. The desert you choose does not have to be one of the ones highlighted – just make sure that you are able to find enough information about the desert you have chosen to put into a written report after we have looked at article 3: ‘Desert People’.

Remember that there are several types of desert to choose from, not just hot, sub-tropical deserts.

Gather information about the desert’s:

  • geography (where it is, what the landscape is like)

  • climate

  • brief notes about the communities living there (human, animal and plant)

Don’t use just one source of information! It can be tempting to just go to the first result you get from an internet search (often Wikipedia) and stay there. Good research, however, means using several sources of information and checking your facts.

There are plenty of sources of information about the natural world in books, magazines (like National Geographic), television documentaries and even travel guides. The internet is also a good resource, but try to find a variety of reliable websites to look at.

The information that you collect will be used for the final pupil activity in which you will prepare a written or word-processed report on the desert you chose to study.

Make sure that you have collected enough information during this session to make a good start in the next stage of the pupil activity.


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