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Deserts - the word immediately conjures up certain images in our heads... Camels, sand, towering dunes and nomads travelling from oasis to oasis.

But how much do we really know about this type of terrain that covers almost one fifth of the land on Earth?

In this edition of Geography in the News we will be looking at deserts and learning about some of the most inhospitable (hard to live in) environments in the world.

We will begin by finding out what we already know about deserts using a quiz. In article 2, ‘Desert Places’, we will look at some of the major deserts in the world in more detail.

Finally, in article 3, ‘Desert People’, we will look at three deserts in particular and the communities of people who have made their homes there.

The pupil activity for this issue of Geography in the News will be to write a report, in small groups, about one particular desert and the people who live there. While you are doing the quiz start to think about which types of desert interests you so that you have some ideas ready for the activity which will start after article 2.

Knowledge Test

Let’s start by trying the quiz below. This is to help us understand what we already know about deserts, so resist the urge to look up the answers until you have finished the quiz.

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Once you have finished the quiz start reading article 2 to learn more about some of the world’s major deserts.


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