Danger Volcano!

Danger - Volcano!

Molten lava, explosive eruptions, clouds of ash...

These are all things that we think of when we hear the word volcano, so why on earth would anybody want to live on or near one?

We will think about the why in the next article, ‘Living in Peril’, but for now let’s take some time to get to know these fiery giants. Use the interactive guide below.

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Pupil Activity

Working in small groups, find out about one of the dangers mentioned in the interactive guide:

  • lava flows

  • mud flows

  • volcanic bombs

  • pyroclastic flows

  • ash clouds

Prepare a short presentation about the hazard you chose.

Think about:

  • Why it happens

  • What affect it might have on the local environment

  • How it might affect people in the area:

    • Would schools and hospitals be affected?

    • Might transport be disrupted?

    • Would it affect food and water supplies?

Present your findings to the class.


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