Danger Limestone!

In this issue we will be looking at the dangers and advantages of living in dangerous places. We will be looking at two environments which can be perilous: limestone landscapes and volcanoes.

We will also ask the question: why do people choose to live in peril?

Limestone landscapes and volcanoes have been in the news recently:

  • In February, a man was killed when a sinkhole suddenly opened up beneath his bedroom in a town in Florida, USA.
  • Mount Etna in Italy has been erupting, sending lava and ash high into the air in a spectacular display of Earth’s power.

In this first article we will take a look at limestone landscapes. Use the interactive guide below.

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Pupil Activity

As an entry into the lesson conduct an experiment, either as a whole class or in small groups, using:

  • water

  • bicarbonate of soda (or salt)

  • sand (or pepper)

Each group should have two glasses of water. They should add a teaspoon full of bicarbonate of soda to one glass and sand to the other, then stir. The pupils should write down what happens with each glass and report back to the class.

Use this activity to explain that some substances (like limestone) dissolve in water while others do not.

After reading the article ‘Danger – Limestone!’ students can start the following activity.

Working in pairs, choose one of the following features and find out more about them using books and online resources: 

  • limestone pavements

  • gorges

  • caves

  • sinkholes

Prepare a one or two page report, including at least one drawing or picture, about your chosen feature and how it is formed.

Hand in your finished work to your teacher for marking.


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