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There are fewer jobs on Anglesey than on the mainland. Many people have to commute to get to work. Anglesey’s biggest single employer, the aluminium works in Holyhead, closed in September 2009. This means that more people than before have to commute east to get to work.

Wrexham is North East Wales' most industrialised area. Many people in the area have to commute. The traffic system is almost at full capacity and the roads are very busy. This means that a single breakdown can cause traffic jams for miles.

Flooding in Mid Wales is quite common during the winter. This is because big rivers like the Severn with its many small tributaries flow through this area. Along the West coast of Wales, high winds and heavy rain cause traffic problems as this area is very hilly. These problems are far more common in these areas than anywhere else in the UK.

Many people live in the old mining towns north of Cardiff. Since the closure of the old mining industries, people have had to find work in the city. This has resulted in commuters travelling into Cardiff along the M4 corridor. Traffic jams occur here every day!

The M4 was built 30 years ago with just two lanes each way on the section north of Cardiff. Two lanes are no longer enough. Work to increase the number of lanes has caused traffic delays for the past three years.

A network of railway lines link the South Wales valleys to Cardiff and Newport. Many commuters and shoppers rely on this network, but any railway can be disrupted by bad weather causing flooding or even fallen trees and leaves on the lines.

The fast-ferry service cannot sail when there are storm conditions in the Irish Sea. The slower ‘super-ferry’ can cope much better, but both ferries are cancelled in severe strom conditions.

Cardiff Wales Airport is rarely closed, but strong winds, mist and fog from the Bristol Channel can cause severe weather conditions forcing authorities to close the airport.


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